Why Competency Assessment Process (CAP)?

  • Bridge the gap between training and performance.
  • New and less experience employees demand changing development methods
  • Eliminate the impacts of lack of competency:
    • Poor safety and operational performance
    • Major incidents
    • Poor operational quality
    • Decreased profitability
  • Performance management – Improve and Standardize individuals’ performance for each position and provide more objective performance feedback
  • Succession Planning and Career Pathing – Develop better succession plan for key jobs by ensuring the candidates have all required skills
  • Management Learning – Create learning and development plans by understanding which competencies are required for success in each job across the organization
  • Compensation Management – Develop competency-based compensation programs that attract and retain employees
  • Recruiting – Improve staffing and recruiting by defining which competencies are required by job candidates for open positions; develop competency-based job descriptions

Neft Approach to Competency Assurance Program “CAP”